Opportunities for Action: An Evolving Plan for the Future of the Lake Champlain Basin

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Chapter 9: Cultural Heritage and Recreation Resources


Support a public information program that emphasizes recreational ethics, public safety, sustainable use, and stewardship of cultural and natural resources.


Support the use of new information technology to provide quality information on heritage and recreation resources.

  • Task ID #: 9.8.3
  • Lead Partners: LCBP

Task Comments

  • Date Posted: 11/02/11
  • Update Relevancy: 06/11 - 10/11
  • Comment Posted By: Lake Champlain Basin Program
  • Sub-watershed: Winooski
  • Jurisdiction: VT

A Quadricentennial Legacy Grant from the CVNHP supported the installation of four new computer-based units aboard the steamboat Ticonderoga. New oral histories from Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy and Vermont philanthropist Lois McClure reflect the steamboat’s recent history, including her role in the Quadricentennial celebration of 2009.

The steamboat Ticonderoga is a National Historic Landmark and was the last commercially operating steamboat on Lake Champlain. In 1955 the 220-foot boat was relocated to Shelburne Museum, where she serves as an educational resource and icon of the region’s cultural history for over 100,000 visitors annually. The visitor experience of the “Ti” is illuminated by oral histories from people who rode or worked on the “Ti,” accessible through these new listening stations. The Museum anticipates interactive, easy to use technology and visually attractive screens will increase visitor participation. As a result, more Vermonters, New Yorkers, and other visitors to the Museum are exposed to the history of the “Ti” and Lake Champlain.

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