Opportunities for Action: An Evolving Plan for the Future of the Lake Champlain Basin

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Lake Champlain opportunities for action management plan

Welcome to the 2010 update of Opportunities for Action – an online, dynamic management plan! Here you will be able to easily explore the goals and actions of OFA and track progress toward those goals. [Sommaire en Français]

sailboat at sunset

Opportunities for Action establishes a plan for coordinated action by Federal, State, and Provincial jurisdictions within the Basin, and public stakeholders, to restore and protect water quality and the diverse natural and cultural resources of the Lake Champlain Basin. Successful implementation of the plan will be achieved by developing many joint partnerships among natural resource agencies, citizens, and other Lake and watershed stakeholders, to achieve the actions described herein.

The Lake Champlain Basin Program has worked to involve the public and to respond to current management, research, and monitoring needs in developing and implementing OFA since 1991. In the current revision, partners have committed to specific management tasks based on funding available in 2010 and anticipated in subsequent years; however, additional needed tasks have been identified at the end of each chapter to be addressed as funding opportunities become available. The new online format will encourage accountability in the accomplishment of these tasks and allow for the integration of an adaptive management process, a structured method for updating the plan as new information becomes available. This approach will allow OFA to remain current in a continual evolving process to protect and restore the Lake Champlain ecosystem.

For more information about using this online management plan, please see “How to Use This Resource.”

The OFA website was officially launched in late December 2010. We are working hard to update the status of the tasks that listed within each of the OFA chapters, as well as success stories. Thanks for your patience!
~LCBP Staff.

Farm, Forest and Fishery Tour

The replica canal schooner, Lois McClure, embarked on the two-month Farm, Forest and Fishery Tour in the summer/fall of 2011. The Lake Champlain Maritime Museum (LCMM), the creator and operator of the vessel visited 15 ports of call in Vermont and New York. The tour started just two weeks before Hurricane Irene devastated many of the towns along the Champlain and Erie canals. The Lois McClure rode out the flooding anchored on Otter Creek in Vergennes, but voyaged down the Champlain Canal shortly after. Several events were canceled and some postponed due to flood damage.

The Farm, Forest and Fishery Tour interpretive message was timely. In addition to educating visitors to the boat about the history of the interconnected waterways of Lake Champlain, the tour provided interpretation on landscape change and how erosion from unsustainable land use affects water quality and wildlife. The Lois McClure was also “sailing to raise awareness” about aquatic invasive species and provided tips to stop their spread.

The Farm, Forest and Fishery Tour was supported, in part, by the Lake Champlain Basin Program/Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership with funds from the Great Lakes Fisheries Commission.

Image #1 Cutline: Artist Mahlon paints the Lois McClure at Larrabee’s Point in Vermont. (photo courtesy LCMM)


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