Opportunities for Action: An Evolving Plan for the Future of the Lake Champlain Basin

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The 2010 update of the OFA management plan is maintained as an interactive and dynamic website.

OFA Structure.  The plan is divided into 12 chapters, shown on the right. Chapters 3 – 10 focus on the goals of OFA and include background information about the goals and related objectives. Partners have identified actions that need to be taken in order to accomplish each goal.  Actions are general, such as “Enhance educator and student learning about watershed issues” (3.1).  Each action includes several specific and measurable tasks, such as “Conduct Science on the Green, a conservation and natural science workshop for grades K-12 annually” (3.1.16). Each task has been assigned to one or more “lead partners” that are responsible for sharing progress and completing the task, given adequate funding.  To learn more about the chapter goal, objectives, and actions/tasks, please click the tabs on the blue horizontal bar near the top of each chapter.  You can expand an action to see related tasks by clicking the blue + sign next to the action ID. Click on a task to see more information, including available updates.

OFA Partners.  Ten partnering entities have committed to implementing OFA by completing identified tasks. Some partners are individual organizations (such as Lake Champlain Sea Grant), while others are large management entities (such as the State of New York, which oversees the Departments of Environmental Conservation and of Agriculture & Markets, among others). More information about each lead partner can be found on the OFA Partners page. OFA partners represent only some of the groups that work to restore and protect the quality of Lake Champlain; each and every person in the Lake Champlain Basin can act as a partner to accomplish the goals of this plan.

OFA Updates.  The plan lists specific tasks that should be in progress or completed by 2015. Partners will provide periodic updates about progress toward task completion as well as a final update when the task is completed. Updates may include brief descriptions, workplans, reports, photos, or presentations. Each task has a detailed page that includes any available updates.

Searching OFAOn the OFA homepage, you can search the database for specific tasks.  Search parameters include: the date range for updated tasks (start and/or end dates), the lead partner assigned to a task, the chapter in which the task is located, and any keywords or the Task ID number.  You can use one or all of these parameters to search for tasks of interest.

The online format of OFA allows for the integration of an adaptive management process, the structured method for updating the plan as new information and understanding becomes available. This approach will allow OFA to remain current in the evolving process to protect and restore the Lake Champlain ecosystem.

Questions?  Contact the Lake Champlain Basin Program at 802.372.3213 or email ofaonlineREMOVETHISBEFORESENDING@lcbp.org.

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